Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #21: Big Forest Adventure Party Extravaganza

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It’s been a long road—made far longer than it should’ve been by distraction, life, distraction, etc.—and this post could very well be the end of it. Could being the operative word. I say a lot of things, like “there’s no traditional professor intro” and “I’ve been trapped in this room by a shouty lumberjerk”, and then five seconds later they turn out to be blatantly untrue. Maybe this is the end, maybe there are a few posts that can be squeezed out of this demo yet… well, we’re about to find out!

I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #20: It’s a Lumbergym, I’m Not Okay

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The big-two-oh! Took long enough for me to get here, eh? Again I laugh at the naive Phoenix of a month or so ago who thought she’d be able to breeze through this in a day or so. (Although maybe I could’ve if I’d done this in a different format…)

It’d be neat to wrap this up on a nice number like 20, but while we are nearing the end I don’t know that that’ll be how it turns out. Well, now that I’ve done that little bit of catch-up training, let’s march into the gym and see how it goes! Maybe I’ll even manage to not die after all and get through the whole thing in one go… even if I can’t finish with this post, a good, meaty one should at least make up for all the waiting!

Let’s try to not die!

Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #19: Run Your Own Damn Errands

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Aaaand we’re back! Sorry for the extended delay. It almost seems a bit silly to continue given the demo’s been out for over a month now, but I gotta see what’s at the end of the road… hopefully before we get into October!

Most of this post has been sitting in my drafts for a while, so I’m just gonna wrap it up and get it out there, then do a bit of training before coming back for the next part.

(Also finally got around to getting a new screenshot program. Hopefully this one won’t do that baffling selective-washing-out thing!)

Do I look like a courier service to you?

Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #17: Refreshingly Robot-Free

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There’s really no point in continuing further as I can’t possibly top last post’s glorious robot train wreck, but I guess I can keep going for now. I need to figure out where that fishing rod is, at least. (At this rate it’s not likely I will be able to finish tonight, but I’ll see what I can do.)

On we go, then…

Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #16: Phoenix, Master Detective, and the Case of the BookBorgs

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Tonight on Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates: When we last left our heroine she was attempting to pass through the deceptively dull Auklet Town, just trying to get to the place that actually has the god damn fishing rod. Little did she know that, instead of the brief pit stop she’d anticipated or the simple search-and-rescue mission she’d been promised, she would be swept up into a dark and troubling mystery with implications that reach far beyond the edges of this sleepy hamlet. Robot uprisings! Death rays/tacky Christmas ornaments! Bedsheets! The iron shackles of the Dewey Decimal System! Eldritch Geek Squad–summoning rituals! And the true nature of the panicked humble lighthouse owner who was so oddly reluctant to hand over his key… will Phoenix be able to defeat the evil Dr. Lighthouse and rescue the missing girl?

Don’t touch that dial—the REAL truth behind the disappearing daughter of Auklet Town shall be laid bare for all to see! Trust me, it’ll all make sense when you read it!

(…no it won’t. It won’t make any sense at all. I really shouldn’t do this when I’m hyper/tired.)


Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates #15: Now There Are Robots For Some Reason

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Whoops! That delay (and this whole thing, hahahaha I thought I’d be done with it in a day) took longer than expected, sorry! Unfortunately I’ve got another stretch of busy time coming up starting Thursday, so even though I’ve got some more work I’m gonna try to push through this and finish up by the end of Wednesday. Let’s see what we can do!

Something’s not right about this place…