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A quiet birthday

Six years, man. Six years I've been poking away, slowly and not very steadily, at this silly little corner of the internet. I wish I could say I had an appropriate gift to commemorate the occasion, but all I've had the time to do recently is a backend thing that probably isn't all that interesting for the rest of you. I made a few tweaks to the site so that fanfics are now considered their own type of post—they're a bit easier for me to sort through on my end, they don't get mixed in with the stream of regular posts anymore, at least unless I explicitly decide to make them show up again (if you scroll through the home page updates you'll notice all the actual fanfic/drabble posts aren't listed), they have a better URL structure (/fanfics/fanfic-name rather than /year/month/fanfic-name) and in the future I'll be able to change the layout of fanfic pages to something a little more custom with minimal fuss—show a different set of tag/category/recent post links, for example, or increase the line length so it's not so narrow. Look, I know it's thrilling but you need to at least try to contain your excitement. Don't need you exploding all over my new fanfic setup.

...then again, six isn't generally as big a deal as five, so maybe the low-key "gift" is not as unfortunate as it could've been. Ah, well. Now back to the struggle to get at least one more new bit of writing done before the year is out so there's actually something to put in this newfangled categorization!

(And do let me know if you notice any problems while browsing through the fics! As with everything nice I try to do for AO I hit a bunch of snags while trying to set this up, and while I'm pretty sure I've taken care of all of them there's always a chance that something is still fouled up. I do know that the links in the previous posts announcing fic updates are broken because I didn't adjust them to the new URLs out of laziness, but if anything else is wrong, tell me and I'll try to fix it!)

Server move complete + 718 mini + new artwork

If you're seeing this post, the server move is complete! Welcome! There were a few hiccups here and there but I'm pretty sure everything's settled. Thanks for your patience while I packed everything up and moved to my new internets home.

Now that the gallery is no longer messed up I am finally able to update the Fanart page with some pictures of Swanna, Mega Mewtwo Y and Goomy, so if you didn't already see those on my Tumblr you can check them out here. I also added two new drabbles for Fennekin and Espurr, and as you can guess based on their debut and the title of this update that means that 649 mini (and, by extension, the poor, neglected 649) have finally had their names changed. From now until whenever Gen VII mozies on in and messes everything up again, these projects will be known as 718 and 718 mini.

Now to attend to a few other things, relax a little and then commence panicking about what I'm going to do for AO's sixth birthday in a little over a week. Ciao!

Server move… again

Hey everyone! Nothing new to report on the content front just yet, but I am going to be changing hosts for what is hopefully the last time in a good while. This host works just fine for what I'm currently doing, but the new host will give me more space and make it easier to... experiment with certain other projects I've been wanting to try out.

As such, there's the usual chance that things will be down later this week (Thursday-Friday-ish) as domains propagate and files move and all that fancy stuff. Hopefully everything will go smoothly, but if not, you can try checking my Tumblr and see if I've made any progress updates there. Sorry for the inconvenience, and see you all on the other side! Probably with a few new pictures, too, now that the gallery seems to be unborkened at long, long last.

*incoherent frustrated grumbling*


I don't have any excuses, aside from that if it's any consolation the Big Project is tantalizingly close to being done. Actually keeping up with any writing or any progress on anything else at all has been like pulling teeth, although I did at least write six more 649 mini stories in February: Ariados, Pineco, Swellow, Sealeo, Shelmet and Genesect. (Man that is a lot of bugs. Huh.) I was hoping to post them in the usual batch of ~ten, but since it's been well over a month since I wrote those and the other four are nowhere to be found... yeah.

Also, as a sidenote, there still appear to be some issues, mostly on my end, with the fanart gallery (+ the other stuff that uses the same interface like the sparkly lists and the free renders page). It's gotten to the point where I think I might need to change how I'm handling it entirely; I hope not because that's a lot of rearranging and reuploading and rewriting descriptions to do, but it may end up that way. I really need to focus on the final stretch of the Big Project for now, but once I can finally put all this grand opening nonsense behind me I'll hopefully have more time to troubleshoot (and to write, of course). Once the troubleshooting is done I have at least two more pictures to upload to the gallery, too.

In the meantime, if you are continually frustrated by the lack of new things to read, my old affiliate 6th Floor is back under a new name—Lavender Town—and is going strong again, so you can drop by there and check out some creepypastas while you wait for me to not be totally inadequate.

My website is this many! *holds up five fingers*

EDIT2: There we go! Everything seems to be working now. The styleswitcher is located in the footer for the time being, as I said—I'll find a more prominent position for it later—at the end of the menu and you now have both the Giratina style and a new Blaziken style to choose from. (Okay, not that new; it does borrow a little bit from a much older style from waaaaay back when.)

As always, let me know if something seems broken or mismatched. These styles will both look and behave their best in most modern browsers, though they should at least be functional in older ones. In particular I know there was an issue with Internet Explorer 7 and 8; I'm almost 100% sure I fixed it, but if I didn't (and if you really, really, honestly can't use any other better browser at all) then let me know how it's broken and I'll see what I can do about it.


EDIT: So I thought I'd fixed the layout and styleswitcher issues and so went ahead and set up the new layouts... only for the styleswitcher to stop working all over again. (The links are currently at the bottom of the page until I can figure out a better place to put them, although at the moment they don't do anything.) It's late now, though, so for the time being I'm just going to have to leave the site as it is. Enjoy the new (and long, long overdue considering the site's name) Giratina layout for now, and I'll see about fixing the styleswitcher at a reasonable hour so you can use the new version of the Blaziken layout instead if you want. Ugh.


It's that time of year again, when AO's birthday comes immediately after NaNo or some other similarly large endeavor and I have to scramble to scrape together something presentable for the occasion! I wasn't able to scrape together quite as much as I would've liked—namely, I was at least hoping I'd be able to finish the webcomic rec list—but while this does feel a tad underwhelming for a fifth birthday I do have a few presents and announcements! More than last year, anyway, and a lot more than the first two years where I forgot AO's birthday was a thing!

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