The name's Phoenixsong. You might also see me around the internet as Kratos Aurion, Phoenixkratos, K Phoenix, ReynardZK or any of a host of other monikers, but you can call me Phoenixsong (or just Phoenix). I live in the southeastern United States and was born in early 1989; I'll leave you to work out my age from there. I like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, making love after midnight and—oh, no, wait. I don't like any of those things. Never mind.

I do like Pokémon, though. I've been playing ever since its American release in late 1998 and have shown no signs of slowing down or actually getting a life ever since. I play the video games, draw fanart, attempt to write fanfiction and even make up my own Pokémon, regions and what have you for kicks and giggles. I'm also a fan of several other video games/series, like Namco's Tales of Series (especially Tales of Symphonia), Fire Emblem, Ace Attorney and Golden Sun. My fascination with these and other fictional characters and the universes they inhabit is largely what prompted the creation of this website.

I work in the web design industry, currently mostly freelance stuff. One of these days I'd like to get a proper personal website up where I can show off most of my non-fandom-related projects like other miscellaneous web thingies or original fantasy art and fiction (ahaha yeah right). That would probably require being less lazy than I usually am, but we'll see.

When I'm not doing video game or web-related stuff I'm usually drawing, reading or laboring under the delusion that I am a talented author with interesting stories to tell. Or sleeping. Sleeping is good.

Quick List of Favorites

Because why not, I guess?

  • Color: Red
  • Number: Eleven
  • Genre of music: It varies. Currently electronic/dubstep and such, occasionally power metal, but I'll listen to almost anything
  • Book/book series: The Redwall series by Brian Jacques, The Green Mile by Stephen King, Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Movie: Hotel Rwanda, Clue
  • Animal: Hyenas, snakes, alligators, Rottweilers, dragons (shh those count), fluffy dinosaurs and water bears
  • Pokémon: Giratina, Skiddo and Blaziken. The rest tend to fluctuate according to my whims, my current projects and whatever looks new and shiny, but Yveltal, Rayquaza, Zekrom, Chesnaught, Greninja, Sylveon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Clefable, Kangaskhan, Raticate, Mightyena and Hoopa are usually somewhere vaguely up there.

Silly Personality Things

Because also why not!

I am a Slaking!

Aquarius Year of the Dragon