A to-do list! Oh my!

...yeah. I keep forgetting exactly what it is I've promised to do for the site, sometimes even after mentioning it multiple times in the updates. Hopefully having this out in the open will patch up my leaky memory (and maybe give you visitors some minor incentive to kick me when I don't follow through); additionally, it serves as a bit of a teaser list of possibly-interesting things you can look forward to seeing in the future.

Items that are higher up on the list are (presumably) higher priority. There is no deadline, self-imposed or otherwise, for any item on the list unless otherwise stated, though that doesn't mean you can't still yell at me if I take forever to get something done.

  1. Random Trainer Generator quality-of-life updates: (in progress)
    1. Allow matching generated pokémon to the generated favorite type (i.e., if the generator rolls "grass" as a favorite type, provide an option that would force any generated pokémon to be grass-type)
    2. Allow filtering out "unique" options to avoid excessive silliness (e.g., if you don't want a "jolteon user" or "Team Magma admin" to have pokémon that don't make sense for that class, remove them from the list of possibilities)
    3. Allow "spoiler" options (e.g., if a new game is coming out and some new pokémon have been revealed, you can choose whether or not you'd like to include them as options)
  2. Potential new random generators (not started; waiting for above QoL)
  3. Keep up with pokédex mini, ideally posting every other week (ongoing)
  4. Minor (or major) edits to sitely pages (not started)
  5. Go through other articles/pages for miscellaneous updates/edits (not started)
  6. Add new "Projects/Project Status" page (not started)
  7. Update fanfic rec list (a few new entries)
  8. New western/Chinese zodiac images (not started)