I play video games. Sometimes I write about the video games I play. Sometimes I am terrible at a video game or otherwise have no idea what I'm doing but I write about it anyway! This is probably a mistake, but hopefully these little LP series are entertaining nonetheless!


Official Pokémon Games

Gone Platinum

My original sojourn into the world of Japanese Platinum, complete with stupid mistakes and commentary that hopefully has a tiny degree of entertainment value. Probably not much, given that this was my very first attempt at anything like a "let's play", but I tried! No screenshots, unfortunately. Runs through the end of the Elite Four.

Go for Gold

The stupid mistakes and faintly entertaining commentary make a comeback in this infrequently-updated, haphazard journey through the Japanese HeartGold. Unfinished and also screenshot-less, unfortunately, but does run up through the eighth badge.


Fan Games

Phoenix Plays Ethereal Gates

A journey through the first two gyms of the Ethereal Gates demo, an up-and-coming fangame set in a new region with new Pokémon. With screenshots this time!