Guides, rants, essays... if it's game- or fandom-related but isn't a story or some other kind of fiction, it goes here. Not sure what else to say, other than I hope you find them informative or amusing as appropriate.

Pokémon Stuff

Confusing Pokémon Designs Explored

Persian is clearly based on a cat and Salamence is obviously a dragon. But not all Pokémon have such clear bases and origins. This article is a closer look at a few of the more puzzling pokeymans and where they might have come from.

The Simplest EV Training Guide on the Internet

Still don't understand EV training, even after scouring through all those articles out there? This guide tries a hands-on approach to prove just how simple it really is. Applies to Diamond, Pearl and Platinum only.

Rec Lists

Phoenix's Fanfiction Recommendations

A list of my top-favorite fanfics, all gathered in one place for your perusal. I'll be adding to it as I find more stories I enjoy. Check it out and see if you find something you like!

Phoenix's Webcomic Recommendations

The best webcomics that I follow regularly. Some are probably already popular; some are absolutely not popular enough and you should go read them immediately.