Long ago, I recreated a little game called robotfindskitten for my final project in a class (you can learn more about the original here). Shortly after deciding that rfk was the game I wanted to work with, I realized that with some slight modifications I could Pokémonify it and make it suitable for Altered Origin. Thus porygonfindsskitty was born, and here it is on the site to provide you with whole seconds of entertainment.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is not supposed to be an action game or a platformer or a puzzle; it's more of a zen game. It is mind-numbingly simple and, in some cases, it is entirely possible for you to reach your objective immediately. You don't play the game for a score, to show off or to otherwise accelerate your carpal tunnel syndrome; you play because you want a quick chuckle by reading a few of the descriptions of the non-skitty items, most of which are intended to be at least mildly amusing. (I guess you could brag about how many different non-skitty items you've found so far...?)

porygonfindsskitty has recently been entirely rewritten. It no longer requires Flash to play, but there are still changes to be made and minor issues to be worked out. It may end up being rewritten yet again as I continue to experiment. As such, consider porygonfindsskitty 2.0 to be in beta. It should be playable and complete in its current form, but if you spot an issue or have a suggestion for refinement, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Play porygonfindsskitty here (temporary link while I sort out some bugs)

Sincerest apologies to Leonard Richardson for the way I've mangled his game, as well as for the few "non-kitten items" I borrowed.