What's your sign, babe? That question may have fallen out of use as a pickup line by the end of the 1970's, but even nowadays there's no harm in displaying your astrological sign for those who might want to see it. And since most of those who clicked this link are presumably Pokémon fans, well, it's only an added bonus if you can show off your sign Pokémon-style, right? To that end I have created a few simple images: one for each of the twelve signs of the Western (Greek) zodiac and one for each of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac. For kicks and giggles, I have also drummed up images based on the "Unova zodiac" from Black and White. Simply find the image that corresponds to your sign and show it off in your forum signature, on your website, wherever. Credit or a link is nice, but I've already added credit to the images themselves and the code I've got here contains a link anyway. (It would also be nice if you could upload the image to your own space and still link back here, but if that's too much hassle or you don't have your own space then I don't mind too much.)

If you don't already know your Western or Chinese sign, you can use this calculator to find it. All you need to know to find your Unova sign is the month of your birth.

I've separated the images out into three pages; twelve images per zodiac all on one page is a little much, don't you think? So, depending on which zodiac you're interested in, click the corresponding link below to see all of the images and code to display the ones you want.