(prompt: feature a pokémon breaking down walls)

The most infuriating thing about psychics, Breloom decided, was their ability to create something out of nothing. All they had to do was think and solid walls of nothing would spring up in front of them, making it that much harder for Breloom to punch the bastards in the face.

Well. Used to make it harder.

Breloom drew his arm back, waited two beats and let fly. The reflect offered no resistance, shattering into innumerable pieces and letting his fist continue unimpeded toward the lunatone's nose.

Had to love a TM that allowed you to punch nothing in the face.


(prompt: feature two canon characters)

"Zau-ber-reichs," Sabrina said, underlining each syllable with her finger so Nate could follow.

"Cute," Simone drawled as she walked past, pausing only to leer at Nate. "You know, kid, real actors can pronounce the titles of their own movies."

Nate wilted a little, but Sabrina held up her hand. "Say, Simone... aren't you heading for some shots with the levitation rig?"

Simone snorted. "There aren't any floating scenes in— augh!"

"Oh. My mistake." Sabrina smiled, waved Nate over to another room for more practice, and left Simone suspended in midair until security could fetch a ladder to get her down.


(prompt: feature someone cosplaying as a pokémon)

"Fabulous!" Bill clapped and leaned forward to inspect his visitor's attire. "By far the most accurate reproduction of a pokémon's appearance that I've seen in a long time! The ears are at just the right angle, the coloration and texture of the skin is surprisingly accurate... not so much around the pouch area, but then most people have never been inside of a kangaskhan's pouch so it's understandable—"

The little girl's nonplussed stare gave way to a frown and she held the pouch open, the better to show Bill its contents. "Mister," she groaned, "do you have candy or not?"