Set 6 of the pokédex mini drabble collection. I'll update the page as I finish more pokémon that fall into this number range. In general these drabbles will cover a wide range of genres/subjects/etc., hence the vague summary below; if anything warrants a special note, however, it will be mentioned here.

Genre: Varies, usually General
Rating: Varies, usually K
Approx. Wordcount: 100 words each (1100 total)
Newest Additions: 267 Beautifly, 278 Wingull, 279 Pelipper, 289 Slaking, 293 Whismur, 295 Exploud, 300 Skitty on 12/03/2016

261 Poochyena

"They're deceptively difficult to see when they lurk in the shadows, you know," said Professor Birch. "Compact bodies with muscles tensed like coiled springs... watching you through narrowed, hungry eyes... waiting for you to turn around so they can leap for your unprotected neck with a blood-curdling howl... it's a terrifying experience, son, right out of a man's most primal nightmares, and I think it'd be best if we didn't upset your mother by telling her about it."

"You mean you don't want me to tell Mom that the new neighbor had to save you from a poochyena," Brendan sighed.

267 Beautifly

Patrat hummed, picked another flower and completely failed to notice the shadow falling over him.

"Hello, lunch." The tyranitar grabbed Patrat's tail and grinned hungrily.

A blast of sparkling wind buffetted Tyranitar before he could bite. He roared, dropped Patrat and stumbled away.

"Oh, thank you!" cried Patrat, beaming at his fluttering savior. "I was just picking some flowers for lunch, and then..."

Beautifly froze. "You... were going to eat my flowers? I chased that thing off because it was trampling my flowers."

Beautifly's proboscis plunged into Patrat's neck. She finished her lunch, then resumed humming and tending her flowers.

277 Swellow

Escort missions through the Northern Desert were always a pain, and after that ordeal Swellow figured he deserved a treat. No berries or gummis tonight—he was having caterpie. He'd found a great one, too, healthy and plump and positively delicious providing he avoided the bitter antennae. There was just nothing better than a nice, fat larva after a hard day's exploration.

Swellow heard a whimper and turned to see Wurmple in the corner of their room, wide eyes locked on the caterpie's body. "Oh, buddy, I'm sorry!" he said, feathers ruffled in embarrassment. "I didn't even offer you any!"

278 Wingull

May stood on the deck of Mr. Briney's boat as it shot toward Dewford, watching Peeko wheel into the sky with some wild wingull.

"Such majestic creatures, eh, lassie?" Mr. Briney gazed up at the swooping, spiraling flock. "See how they look t'be skating across the sky? How their compact wings and bodies are perfectly designed for effortless gliding? And their calls evoke the very essence of the sea..."

The flock dove suddenly, screeching and pecking at a fisherman and then tearing his sandwich apart. Peeko ate the paper it had been wrapped in.

May rolled her eyes. Majestic. Riiiiight.

279 Pelipper

"There!" Micah pointed his dad's manectric toward a pelipper bobbing in the shallows. "Let's try that one!"

The noise startled the pelipper into the air, but Manectric loosed a bolt of lightning and clipped its wing. It splashed back into the water and lay stunned, just long enough for the little boy to dash over and pry its beak open. There was nothing inside but a stinky, fishy smell. Micah sighed, let the bird fly away, and scanned the beach for another.

Dad said that a pelipper was bringing his new baby sister, and he was determined to find it.

289 Slaking

Renovating the Petalbug Gym would've taken ages without Norman's pokémon pitching in. He could only carry so much, but his team—especially Slaking—could shift boxes and equipment like nothing.

Slaking grunted, lifted a massive rack of new light fixtures up over his head so the electricians could reach it... and then collapsed to the floor, snoring. He slept right through the sound of all those lightbulbs shattering as they landed.

Norman winced as the last tinkles of breaking glass died away. It came with the territory, he supposed. At least Slaking could clean the mess quickly... after waking up.

292 Shedinja

She frowned as she watched the nincada hunker down for evolution. That should have been her. She'd seen that oaf at his ninjask training and he was rubbish at all of it. How unfair that he got to move on while she was left to haunt the forest after an unlucky meeting with a hungry swellow...

The exoskeleton split, the new ninjask emerged, and she made her move. She drifted over to the vacant husk and slipped inside, then hovered experimentally just off the ground. Kinda clunky, true, but it was solid... at least that oaf was good for something.

293 Whismur

"It's not faaaaaiiir!" Whitney sobbed into Norman's handkerchief. "It's always been Clefairy and Miltank and me, b-but... n-now that the professors say she's a f-fairy... Cl-clefairy c-can't battle with me anymoooore!"

Norman patted his protege's shoulder. "Just because Clefairy's a fairy-type doesn't mean she can't battle at the gym."

"B-but she doesn't fit!" she whined. Norman flinched. Vigoroth and Linoone covered their ears. His whismur whimpered, then wailed.

"I'll n-never find another partner like Clefairy!" screamed Whitney, her voice hitting an octave reserved for growlithe whistles. Whismur's shrieking crescendoed.

"I'm sure there's a good match out there somewhere," Norman muttered.

294 Loudred

"He's what?"

"He's soundproof!" Harald repeated, raising his voice over the pounding bass blasting out of his loudred's ears.

Yvette winced and tried to stop her teeth from rattling to the beat. "Soundproof?" she shouted. "What do you mean, 'soundproof'?"


"What do you mean?"

Harald grinned. "It means that other pokémon's noises don't affect him! They can get as loud as they want and he won't hear it! Soundproof!"

"Soundproof"... not exactly the word she'd have used. She pressed her hands harder against her own ears and grimaced, hoping he'd recall Loudred and put an end to this cacophony.

295 Exploud

The mightyena turned tail and fled, Exploud's screams ringing in their ears. Served them right.

Exploud bent down to quiet her babies' frightened wailing. "It's okay, they're gone now..."

The wailing continued. A skitty had wandered right up to the nest.

Exploud fumed. More intruding hairballs? She inhaled sharply, ready to howl—

The skitty smiled, then snuggled up to the whismur. They cried; the crying became whimpering; the whimpers became contented, sleepy murmurs. The skitty purred.

Exploud frowned. That... was pretty cute...

She deflated and scratched the skitty's ears while the babies nuzzled its soft coat. Eh. It could stay.

300 Skitty

Ephraim regretted coming over to meet Pauline's new pet. Her apartment was a disaster area ravaged by Hurricane Skitty. It scratched, it bit, it never smiled, it knocked things over, and it ignored Pauline every time she begged it to stop attempting to rip off her face.

Ephraim winced. "I thought delcatty was supposed to be the fickle one. Are you okay? Maybe you should take it back to the shelter..."

Pauline laughed, holding up her phone in bloodied fingers. "Are you kidding? Do you know how many likes 'Sour Skitty' already has on Facedex? We're gonna be internet famous!"