Set 20 of the pokédex mini drabble collection. I'll update the page as I finish more pokémon that fall into this number range. In general these drabbles will cover a wide range of genres/subjects/etc., hence the vague summary below; if anything warrants a special note, however, it will be mentioned here.

Genre: Varies, usually General
Rating: Varies, usually K
Approx. Wordcount: 100 words each (200 total)
Newest Additions: 959 Tinkaton, 964 Palafin on 05/07/2023

959 Tinkaton

The master tinkaton critiqued each student's hammer. "Corviknight pauldrons are classic, but dull... no, revavroom exhausts won't make it go faster... I hope that red is bisharp, not scizor; too easy to melt!"

She scowled as the youngest struggled. "Copperajah? Rampant rust, girl, of course it's too heavy. Sensible smiths use bronzong for density without impossible weight!" She handed the student her own hammer as an example.

The younger tinkaton nodded. "Wow, much better balanced than mine."

"Now do you understand which steel-types you should harvest from?"

"Yes," said the student. She grinned and swung the hammer at her master.

964 Palafin

Palafin was the hero: when her teammates struggled, she'd soar out to crush the enemy beneath her fists. With her friends there to help her change, no foe was too fearsome.

Now, alone before the metal monster that'd lanced them all with lightning? Nowhere to change, no chance to win. No fists; just tiny, trembling fins. No soaring; just cowering behind her fallen friends. No hero; just... her.

The monster lurched foward, its sparking claws grasping for Cyclizar. Brave Cyclizar, who'd fought so hard without even changing...

Maybe she could, too.

Palafin kicked off and charged to meet the beast.