This LP was originally posted on LiveJournal in 2008–2009. It has been moved to Altered Origin proper for posterity, but be aware that it is old and technically unfinished.

Well, hello there. I'm Phoenixsong, and I am such a horribly shameless otaku that I went ahead and preordered Pokémon Platinum from Japan. But, lucky for you, I am also such a generous otaku that I decided I'd let people in on my experience with the game. Hence the humble little mini-blog you see before you.

Before you view any of the entries below, make sure you understand the following:

This is not a source for "breaking Platinum Version news/info" or anything of the sort. You want that, go to Serebii. This is more of a review or journey diary than anything else, so keep going only if you're interested in reading about my personal experience with and thoughts on the game.

This blog WILL contain spoilers. I can't read Japanese and so won't know whether any given text box is talking about how comfy shorts are or how Cyrus is about to profess his undying love for the protagonist. So while I can't spoil anything like that for you, I will be going into detail about almost everything I see and do in the game. If you want to avoid anything that might spoil what you're supposed to do next then I suggest you stop reading here.

There are no screenshots. As I'm playing a real game on a physical DS, I have no way to get decent-looking images. You'll just have to use your imagination.

I'll be playing pretty much non-stop (barring work, sleep, etc.) and will try to post updates of a decent length whenever I can. I'm taking notes in a journal as I play and will rewrite them here, but I'm still trying to work out what good stopping points are and how often to update. But as long as you're along for the ride then I hope you find my little adventure informative. Or at least mildly entertaining. Or something.