Wow. That's a heck of a number!

As usual, the update's going to be fairly simple; I've been juggling a few too many things to get much finished for the site, much though I wish I could've done more for a big milestone like fifteen. I did update the Random Trainer Generator to include content from this year's big releases (Legends Arceus and Scarlet/Violet; this does mean there are ScarVi spoilers if you don't already know all the Pokémon, proceed with caution, etc.), although I haven't gotten around to the larger updates to the way the generator functions yet.

There's also some new art up on the Pokémon Fanart page. The Thousand Roads fanfiction community held an art event in which artists collaborated on the major arcana for a tarot deck inspired by their fanfics and by Pokémon in general, and I did the art for the Magician (plus a bonus Page of Cups for fun). Check out the other artists' incredible contributions here!

There's actually some new (and new-ish) fanfic content as well! The bigger ones were technically written last year as part of a set of prompts, but I guess I, uh, just forgot to post them around the same time as "Stronger", whoops. If you're in the mood for something a bit more Pokémon Mystery Dungeon-like or just something a little bit fae, have a look at "Breadcrumb Trail" and "A Glimpse Across the Threshold". They're all short and sweet and hopefully just a little bit capricious and weird. ("Breadcrumb Trail" is also where the characters featured on the Magician card mentioned above come from!)

And speaking of "short and sweet", there are actually a few pokédex mini updates as well! Le gasp! I definitely haven't been working on these every day, but I can occasionally manage to bang out a few words every once in a while. Check out Trevenant, Kommo-o, Cosmoem and Corviknight.

Thanks for sticking around, or for checking out this quiet little corner of the internet if you've somehow managed to stumble across it. And happy holidays to anyone who celebrates any this time of year!