Spent the last several days fighting with stuff in an effort to consolidate the updates for all of my projects in one place, and finally managed to get it working. From now on, whenever 649, the Phoenixdex or Insubstantiality updates, you should see it here as well as any updates to AO itself. It may take a little while for the feed to refresh itself and so updates may not appear here right away, but they should show up quickly enough. The feeds for the non-AO sites are truncated so as not to take up a whole lot of space if you don't care about them (well, they're supposed to be... still need to work on getting the Phoenixdex updates to do that), and they're also prefixed with tags so you can identify which update came from where at a glance. All you need to do to see the full text of the update in question in its proper context is click on one of the title links. Full update archives for each of those can obviously be found on their respective sites.

I also added a new "Site Updates" page that holds only the updates for Altered Origin and is effectively exactly the same as the home page was before. There's a handy link to it right up at the top there so you can "filter" out just the AO-related updates if that's all you want to see. (You'll also have to use that page, or else the direct links to the individual update articles, if you want to get to the comment form. I'll work on that when I get the chance.)

There are still a few kinks to work out, predictably, but this should be perfectly functional for now and will hopefully make the other sites a little easier to keep up with than they were with just the little "last updated" bar that was at the top before. As with anything else, let me know if something suddenly breaks horribly.