I've been making headway on that site revamp, and since I'm pretty close to done I figured it was high time to make the announcement official. I'm hoping to make the switch sometime in the next few days—maybe even as soon as tomorrow (Wednesday the 30th). Given that I'm actually transitioning the site to a less complicated system there shouldn't be any major hiccups, but I apologize in advance if there are any difficulties during the update. You may also need to clear your browser's cache once it's done for everything to display properly.

A few things will be different around here once the dust settles:

  • There'll be a new visual style, and the styleswitcher will be going away for now. I may bring it back in the future—if nothing else I like the idea of having both light and dark styles, since god knows I appreciate it when my jacked-up old eyes can view a site with a darker color scheme and maybe there are people who really, really need light backgrounds—but it's not a priority right now.
  • The site's content should be largely the same (I am going to be removing a few old images and things), but the menu will be rearranged and some URLs may be different. There should be redirects for most things, but do let me know if any recent links—I don't care about links in ancient blog posts, mind, since a bunch of those have been broken for years anyway—are not working for you.
  • Comments will not be back immediately. I do intend to try adding Disqus comments to the site and see how those play out, but I'm really hoping to have the meat of this done by the end of this week and I don't know how long it'll take me to get the settings right. If they're not live right when the switch happens, I hope to have them working sometime in April.
  • New stuff! There'll be a few more drabbles, at least, and I'm hoping that this upcoming April will give me a chance to dust off the actual "blog" on this site. Maybe it'll dust off a bit more than that...

I'll have more details about what's different, what's gone and what's new after the switch is complete. Hang tight, and thanks in advance for your patience. See you on the other side!