Altered Origin turns eleven years old today! Not as momentous as ten, certainly, but still a little terrifying, haha. It's going to be another quiet one due to busy days and a few personal hiccups, but here's what I've got...

-A new piece of artwork (the Skiddo) in the fanart gallery. Technically done all the way back in February, but I forgot to upload it here, whoops. Better late than never, I guess?

-A new one-shot fanfic. (!!!) This one isn't quite available just yet, but should be coming soon. I would've added it today, but I entered it into a fic contest earlier this year and am not allowed to post it publicly until the contest has been fully judged. As soon as it has been, though, I intend to polish it up one more time and then add it to the site.

-Some... ideas. The above two are all I can guarantee for the day, unfortunately, but I've been thinking about a few other projects I might undertake soon. One possibility is a screenshot LP of the recently-updated ROM hack Pokémon Gaia, now that its content goes right up to the endgame. Another is... still being hashed out, and not super-directly Pokémon-related, but essentially it'd be a series of blog posts on me trying to actually make sense of the worldbuilding I want to do, primarily for the Arilterra nonsense but possibly also a few bits regarding the homebrew Dungeons & Dragons setting I've been toying with on and off. More of a progress or process blog than anything, I guess? I dunno how interesting that would be to other people, but I need to get some process notes/rambling thoughts out about the software I'm testing anyway, so depending on how I'm feeling I may well clean that up and make those notes public along with notes about the actual projects themselves, so. We'll see.

As ever, there are far too many other ideas a-brewing in the back of my head, and as ever I'm having a devil of a time actually doing anything with them. But they're there, and I think some of them might be kinda cool, and if I can just manage to get myself together, I'd love the opportunity to share them with you--whether you've somehow managed to stumble across Altered Origin for the first time, or whether you've been checking in for the past eleven years. Happy birthday, quiet baby, and we'll see what we can do about making a little more noise.