No, still not done with the promised page yet. :( I'm trying!

I was fiddling around with the galleries on the fanart page in preparation for something else I wanted to do; the resultant fiddling has apparently deleted all of the titles and other information about all of those images (dates, comments, sort order, etc.). I guess I should've anticipated that and at least c/p'd some stuff, but I didn't! Oh, well! I'm going to have to try and remember all the crap I wrote and put everything back the way it was from scratch. The pictures themselves are still there, so don't worry about that; they're just missing their titles and all other pertinent/interesting/blah information, and they're not in the neat semi-chronological order they were in before. I apologize if this has inconvenienced you–though it's probably a bigger inconvenience to me than it is to anyone else–and will fix it as best I can as soon as possible.

(There's also the minor problem that I bet this fiddling broke the links to some of my images elsewhere–my sporadically updated art threads on a few forums, for example. Oops. I guess I'd better go fix those at some point, too. The recent ones, anyway.)

There will probably be a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET TOTALLY NOT PREDICTABLE SURPRISE starting later in the month, though, so there's that!