...so at this point it's probably safe to say that the LP thing isn't happening. Sorry; I kinda lost interest in it on top of being busy. Maybe some other time.

I'm sure you're all tired of the apologizing and excuses in general, but the last few months of classes really did take a toll on me. Thankfully I'm now finished with school for good, and while I do still have to dedicate at least some of my time to the Big Project, and I now have to look for work as well, I will not be weighed down by soul-crushing homework ever again. Ideally, at least some of this no-homework will translate into more stuff for AO. I would really like to get started on that new layout, for one, especially since working on that sort of thing is directly relevant to what I may end up doing for a job.

As for things I can definitely show you now, I do have a new piece of artwork in the fanart gallery. That there Keldeo was part of a creative exercise prompt thing I'm doing at The BBS, Studio-Revolution's forums (S-R being one of my sibling sites, in case you've forgotten—now might be a good time to join over there, there's some pretty fun stuff going on for the board's birthday!). While my sore tableting hand might prevent me from answering any more prompts with artwork, I'm planning on writing a few drabbles and other works of really short (or maybe longer? we'll see) fiction during the festivities. I already have one done, in fact, but because it's so short I think I'll wait until the end of the week, see how many more I can churn out, and post them all at once. So there is at least one more thing you guys can look forward to soonish!

While I drum up those drabbles and consider what else I might be able to post about (I do have a few ideas relating to some plotbunnies, but elaborating on my plotbunnies tends to doom them to never being written...), I have a brief question for you: what would you guys say to some recommendation lists? I already have one written for some webcomics I enjoy, but I'm not entirely sure you guys would find that relevant enough; I'd probably just relegate that to a blog post, if anyone's interested in it at all. I'm also doing what I can to get back into reading fanfics regularly, and while I'm not currently following a ton that I'm madly in love with, I'd expect my list of rec-worthy stuff to grow—and since that's a little more directly fandom-related, I'd expect there to be a bit more interest in it.

Thoughts? Opinions? A hearty kick in the shorts for taking so long to come crawling back here?