Yet another quiet birthday, but there are more updates on the horizon!

Hello, all! Things are still a bit quiet and dusty around here, but I do have a little update ready to go. Several years ago I entered a one-shot contest on the Serebii Forums, and I had intended to post it to AO's long-neglected Fanfiction page. Finding the time and inspiration to edit and polish the finished piece ended up taking, uh, three years, nbd right, but at long last "Stronger" is up on the site for your reading pleasure!

I was hoping to have some tweaks for the Random Trainer Generator ready to go, along with possibly some other new generator toys, but there've been some hold-ups there so they may be a while yet. Hopefully soon, though... (I've gone ahead and noted the upcoming edits on the To-Do List, if you're curious.)

Happy holidays to anyone who celebrates any this time of year!