...hey, it's still the 27th in a few islands out there in the Pacific, so I am totally not late! I did a few things to celebrate the 20th anniversary and the days leading up to it, and I thought I'd post them here as well! There are several new pictures in the fanart gallery, and there's also *gasp* a new fanfic! Said fic may still get a few tweaks here and there in a little while—I'm rushing to post it while it's still the 27th somewhere out there, so it hasn't gotten quite as much proofreading as it probably needs. Still, hopefully it makes for a nice anniversary read!

I should also point out a few housekeeping things: first of all, comments have been turned off for now. Not too many people were using them... aside from a ton of spammers, and I was getting a little tired of having to clean up behind them. I'm not quite sure when they'll be returning; we'll have to see.

Part of the reason I'm not sure when they'll be returning is because I'm getting closer to the completion of the latest site revamp, which will change a lot of backend structure and thus force me to use a different commenting solution anyway should I decide to bring them back. Since I'm so close to getting the new thing set up, I'm not planning on updating much until it's ready (I only bothered today since it is a holiday, after all). Another announcement will go up when the actual switch approaches.

I hope you enjoyed Pokémon Day in whatever ways you chose to celebrate it! I'll probably still be around and kicking as long as Pokémon has inspiration to share, so who knows? Perhaps I'll have a little something-something to do for the series' next major anniversary, too. :)