Tried the whole blogging thing before maybe one or twelve times; didn't quite pan out. Figured hell, it's a new year, might as well try again anyway. Here we are. Have fun. (Would've used my old LiveJournal for this—it is just kind of sitting there and rotting, after all—but WordPress is shinier. LJ will just have to be for stalking other people's journals, then.)

Why the nth attempt at a blog, you ask? Not sure, really. It's not so much that I feel like I have anything earth-shatteringly interesting to share as it is that I have a whole bunch of fanwork ideas and such that I want to get off my chest somehow, and I guess this is how I've decided to do it. I doubt that this will attract a huge following, and I don't really care whether it does or not; I'm running under the assumption that actually writing about this crap will make me feel better about being Captain Never Start/Finish Anything, and hey, maybe someone will have some interesting input or something. Bah.

So! The forecast calls for fancrap, and lots of it. Fanfic ideas/plot bunnies/brainstorming primarily, maybe the occasional picture or ramble about fakemon, maybe some discussion about fandom itself. Probably lots and lots of stupid memes I happen to steal from whomever, with the excuse that "it's going to help me think about/organize my fic, totally." I also have some other, uh, ideas and things I want to talk about; not going into detail because it's four in the morning, but I will say "Zork" and "audience participation" and leave you to ponder those (hint: they're two separate things) for however long it takes me to remember to ramble about all that. A good deal of this will probably be Pokémon-related, but I've also got nagging ideas for stuff like Tales of Symphonia, Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, maybe some Ace Attorney... pretty much anything involving anything else I like is fair game here. (This would probably be a good time to warn those of you who chance upon this blog from Pokémon-related places—most of you, I imagine, since pokeymans fans are the only fans I bother associating with atm—that, yeah, those other fandoms may actually be pretty prevalent here, as opposed to Altered Origin where I say it's "not a Pokémon fansite" but then never do anything else ever anyway.) Can't promise regular updates, but now that I have something resembling a direction for this blog it is at least likely that they will appear more often than "lol never". For a while, anyway. Check back often! Or don't! That's cool too!

I am extraordinarily fickle and so the blog title, tagline, theme and more are subject to change without warning and whenever the hell I feel like it. You have been... warned. (four in the mooorniiiing)

I will try my hardest to keep real life as far away from this as humanly possible, aside from the occasional "school happened and that's why blah is late" or whatever. It's not like there's any actual loldrama or major accomplishments goin' on there anyway; wouldn't want to bore you! Will also attempt to avoid original fiction/art/sfdhhfda stuff, if only for the sake of order. (One of these days I will get all of my original-work websites/blogs/etc./atsdhf done aaaaaaa) That's all primarily seekrut anyway. So yes. Fancrap. That is all.

In closing, it is four in the morning and I've already broken my new year's resolution to stop staying up so damn late. Whoops. Your irregularly-scheduled rambling will begin when it isn't fllhdghljbnadg-o'-clock. Probably it will also contain a much lower concentration of sentence fragments. Posts made at keyboardsmash-o'-clock are notorious for those.