Erk, only a few days before my break ends and I've only just started the ASB guide. Whoops. See the title for the explanation. Damn fancy shiny new game news distracting me from everything, feh. I'm still going to try and have it done as soon as possible, of course, as I do have the old guide and several other things I've written as a decent baseline. Now that I have a few other obligations cleared up I should be able to get some work done.

Also re: title, there might be something else on the horizon (I bet you can't guess what it might be, because I'm totally not predictable like that). I still haven't actually committed to doing it yet, and if I do I still have a few decisions to make as to how I'm going to present it, but... yeah. There's also that. :p

Next update will come in a day or two and will contain moar ASB nonesense! Maybe! I hope!