A happy birthday to me and a happy belated New Year to the rest of you! Sorry for the delay in the usual resolutions post; had some ironing out to do with respect to said resolutions, but they'll be available in the next post. Let's get a few other updates get out of the way first:

First of all, I've decided that I'm going to discontinue the 718 project, a.k.a. that one-shot-per-evolution-line project that most of you probably forgot was a thing. The fics themselves will remain up, of course, and I'll continue writing individual one-shots as time and inspiration permits (I do have a few ideas bouncing around currently that would've been for 718 and are still perfectly good on their own, for example), but there's a sense of obligation that comes with calling this a "project" and I'd rather not have it hanging over my head any longer. It's been neglected for long enough and my attention is better spent on other goals.

718 mini, on the other hand, I fully intend to keep up with. I should also point out that I'm going to change its name (again) to 721 mini to reflect the actual number of existing Pokémon as of Gen VI. That was my intent when I first announced the switch from 649 to 718, but at the time I thought I'd hold out a little longer just in case there were a significant number of people who remained blissfully unspoiled. I apologize if you were one of the few folks who hadn't yet heard that there are three hidden event Pokémon in X and Y and I've just ruined that for you. If you still don't know what those three Pokémon actually are, however, rest assured that I won't be writing about them yet and you can continue to hold out until the official reveal. Not that I could write fics for them seeing as we know so little worth writing about, but still. No further spoilers here!

(The Fanfiction page has been updated to reflect these changes. If I screwed up any links or anything, let me know.)

I'm trying to get that "write 100+ words every day" thing back up and running again, and so of course that means that the newly-christened 721 mini has a bunch of updates for you! (Well, maybe not "of course" given my track record, but I've been pretty good about it so far! Not every day of writing has gone toward this project, nor are all of them currently presentable, but there's still a fair bit here!) New drabbles are up for Rapidash, Grimer, Electrode, Cubone, Marowak, Togetic, Swinub, Shedinja, Bagon, Glameow, Purugly, Rotom, Swoobat, Maractus, Yamask, Escavalier, Alomomola, Accelgor, Braixen, Frogadier, Fletchling, Aegislash and Klefki. Whew!