...man. Thirty. That sure is... a number.

No content updates per se (aside from a quick "hey, the server move's done, hopefully this'll be the last"), since I've mostly been taking it easy/busy with work/dealing with stuff. The one thing I would've reasonably been able to have ready given my month so far isn't quite postable yet, but hopefully it, or a variation thereupon, will be ready to go up in the near-ish future. In the meantime, what's on the docket for this year?

  • Have actual worldbuilding content to share. Like, share properly for realsies this time. This is mostly referring to Arilterra, but also to a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting I've been toying with recently. (Which... I guess is fan content? Sure? I know people are only here for Pokémon stuff, but it's content I'm creating that's inspired by someone else's intellectual property, so it does technically fall within AO's purview.) What I'd like to do, as I might've mentioned a few updates back, is maybe do a series of blog posts as I work through the tools and such I'm trying out; I do have the first post partially drafted, but it's not quite ready yet. The hope would be that there'd actually be some super-basic stuff to show after working through a few posts.
  • Get back on track with porygonfindsskitty fiddling. I know it seems like a silly project to keep messing with, but it's actually a pretty nice way to test drive different coding languages or libraries, and the current version is still kind of clunky anyway.
  • Stop forgetting that the trainer generator is a thing and actually start on it. By this point you've probably forgotten about the "secret project" I've mentioned in the last few resolution posts and done absolutely nothing with. Might as well stop being coy about it; it's meant to be a random character generator geared toward generating Pokémon trainers. It shouldn't even be that difficult to whip up an extremely basic one, considering I've already got a bit of a framework thanks to the silly fakemon generator I created two years ago. My ultimate goal for it is a fair bit more complex than that, but good lord, Phoenix, can we at least manage a prototype for the nice people this year?

Finally, I'd really like to accomplish at least one of the following:

  • Actually start posting a chapterfic. This was really something I'd wanted to do before turning thirty, but, well, we know how it is with me and writing, eh? There's at least one project that's actually close to this point, but other things may or may not happen instead/as well.
  • Publish a simple fangame. One that isn't another retooling of porygonfindsskitty, I mean. This would most likely be more interactive fanfiction along the lines of Special Order, although I do have a few other ideas. (No, none of them are "New Logora the Main Series–style Pokémon Game" or anything along those lines. General nervousness about C&Ds aside, I have no desire to do all of the work that that would involve. Leave that sort of fangame to the teams of people who'll really do them justice.)

Both of those happening is probably wishful thinking, but we'll see what happens, eh?

(blah blah blah backlog blah blah blah too many games blah blah blah why did I give in to Nintendo's birthday discount coupon and buy Samus Returns blah blah blah)