My apologies, as per usual, for the lengthy gap in content. At least I've got a massive pile of drabbles and some other stuff to make up for it!

Sun and Moon have been out for a few weeks by now, so the first announcement should come as no surprise: 721 mini has been rechristened 802 mini to reflect all the new li'l buggers in the National Pokédex. There are also a lot of new drabbles to go with the new name! Like, more than sixty a lot! I had a very productive Camp NaNoWriMo back in July, heh. (This isn't even all of the drabbles I wrote during that month; it's just all of the ones that are close to presentable after the mad NaNo scramble. The other forty or so still need some more serious editing before they can be posted.) As you can imagine, sixty-plus drabbles is rather a lot to list here in this post, so I'll just direct you to the link above to browse the list at your own leisure. Every single page has had at least one new drabble added to it, and as usual the top of each page lists the newest additions, so start anywhere!

I can say that I got a little ahead of myself and wrote a few drabbles for Gen VII Pokémon even though it was only July at the time, so I will at least mention Litten, Charjabug, Cutiefly, Rockruff, Bounsweet and Mimikyu if you're hankering to read about the new kids on the block.

You may also notice that I added the species name to each drabble's title (e.g., "025 Pikachu" instead of just "025"), since not everyone's going to remember which Pokémon is which ID and the drabbles don't always mention the Pokémon by name.

Back in June I also did some quick artwork of the new batch of starters, so you can see those at the front of the gallery as well!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish the special-secret-something-somethings by today as I'd intended, but I do still plan to keep working on them when I get the chance. I've also changed my mind about the Uranium LP I'd been planning (although there are tons of excellent YouTube videos and probably other text LPs you can find, given the game's popularity), although I've got a few other ideas on the backburner that may or may not happen sometime next year. We'll see!

I'm not sure exactly what will be next on the docket. I'm working on a few one-shots here and there, so it's possible (although, as ever, not guaranteed) that those may show up here in the next few months or so.

Happy birthday, Altered Origin, and as always a big thanks to those of you who still poke your heads in every now and then to scratch your heads at whatever nonsense I'm currently spouting. Here's to another year (oh god, ten years) and to more nonsense, eh?