...and there's really no excuse for it, considering that I had the 721 mini stories I'm updating with finished months ago. Sorry. :( We've got new drabbles for Koffing, Unown, Magcargo, Loudred, Cranidos, Rampardos, Shellos, Scraggy, Cofagrigus, Minccino, Pyroar, Furfrou, Meowstic, Slurpuff and Gourgeist.

There would probably have been more (and more frequent updates as a result), but most of my writing has been focused on that Best at Second-Best first draft I swore I'd get done. It's coming along nicely, at least. Nowhere near postable yet, but as that's not the idea at this stage I'm fine with that. I do have some smaller projects that are a little less messy and may see some ficbits posted soonish, though!