Need to post more often, man.

Anyway! Two things. First of all, I've finally updated the About page, on the off chance that you care; still have a bit of information to flesh out here and there, but it'll do for now. Second, and more importantly, I added a new page: Projects. It has a list of (most of) my current fanprojects on it. Confusing and counterintuitive, I know, but bear with me here.

Right now it really is little more than a list of titles with some cursory descriptions here and there; as I get more work done on these projects, though (this includes writing more posts about them when I get a chance), I'll be adding links and subpages and stuff to it. It would also be cool if maybe you guys could mention the stuff that looks interesting, whether that's settings or characters or the whole thing or theoretically whatever, and ask me to tell you a little bit more about it. Again, eventually I will be doing that anyway, but while I'm flailing around looking for inspiration it would be awesome if I had some... prompts, I suppose you could call them? Then maybe I'd post a profile or a character sketch or a drawing or something featuring whatever it was you were curious about, assuming it's not too spoilery (though I am making an effort to avoid drawing attention to potential spoilers in the first place... assuming the project isn't so jumbled that I don't actually know what is and isn't a spoiler at this point).

I was going to come up with a more "organized" way to go about these suggestions. Originally it involved a train station. And maybe I'll still show you a bit of that train station later, but for now I need to think a little harder about what I'm doing with this stuff and spend a bit more time with summaries and crap. In the meantime, go look at the new page and tell me what intrigues you (hard as it will be to choose given the staggering variety of subjects currently available). Or something.