I was able to get help fixing the styleswitcher, so it should work now! Yay! (The styleswitcher links for the Wargle layout are just above the footer, fyi.) I also think I fixed the reported problems with the Wargle layout's navigation; I don't have access to functional copies of IE6 and IE7 at the moment, though (damn you Wine Internet Explorer, why do you lie to me), so I am unable to verify this on my own. If you have either of those browsers, can you switch to the Warbird style (on any page; no need to stick to the test page anymore) and let me know if you can use the navigation? If not, and if I still can't fix it, well... at least now you have the other two layouts to choose from, so you can still browse the site normally. Sorry for the inconvenience (and also for the brief instances of downtime today that resulted from my tinkering). Now I can finally get started on the alternate version of this layout that I really wanted to do before, sheesh.

I also got some help with the comment system I'm using, so you should actually be able to use double quotes in your comments without them looking funny later.


EDIT: HOWEVER, somehow I have magically managed to break the fanart gallery again. The images are still there, the descriptions are still there if you hover the mouse over a thumbnail, but the lightbox effect no longer works and they're all displayed in an ungodly long list running down the page. What the hell, man. I'll try and fix that soonish, I guess grumble Crisis averted. Styleswitcher broke the gallery, but I found a workaround that'll do for now.