Altered Origin is twelve years old today, and I've got a few presents for you all!

Another quiet year come and gone. Things've been a bit complicated lately, but I did manage to find some (mostly last-minute, as usual) time to aggregate a few new things from over the year, and to finally get around to something I've been meaning to add for a few years now.

First of all, I went ahead and uploaded a few new pieces of fanart to the art gallery, showing off a few new Galarian friends. So there's that!

Next, I'd intended to write a few more 890 mini (le sigh) drabbles during NaNo, but other projects took priority and I didn't quite manage that. That said, I still have several that I wrote during Camp NaNo 2016 that I hadn't published at the time due to not being satisfied with them. Looking back over them later, I think a few are actually much more presentable than I'd given them credit for being back then, so I went ahead and added those to the now-renumbered pages: we've got Wartortle, Pidgey, Oddish, Machamp, Haunter, Porygon2 and Arceus.

Lastly, the big one! At long, long last, I've finally finished the random Pokémon trainer generator I'd been talking about for a while. You can check it out at the link above or under the new "Miscellaneous" link in the top menu. It generates a trainer with a random class (from a very wide variety of sources, so a few are a bit obscure), home region, basic description, team of 1–6 Pokémon and a bit more. Like this, for example:

This trainer is a boarder, originally from Oblivia. They are broad-shouldered, love skorts and are aggressive. Their favorite type is Bug, and they love powerful Pokémon. When battling, they never give their team commands—their Pokémon always know what to do. Their dream is to get a real job.

Their team consists of Lairon and Zubat.

As I said, some of the trainer classes are, uh, obscure:

This trainer is one of Joe's groupies, originally from Ferrum. They are graceful, dress in shabby clothes and are annoying. Their favorite type is Fairy, and they love blue Pokémon. When battling, they favor using non-damaging attacks. Their dream is to get rich quick.

Their team consists of four Cloyster.

There's even an option to include legendaries, mythicals and Ultra Beasts in the Pokémon pool, if you like your fashionable Giovannis to come with their own fashionable death gods:

This trainer is the Team Rocket Boss, originally from Kanto. They are gangly, wear trendy clothes and are mischievous. They don't have a favorite type, and they love cool Pokémon. When battling, they rely on hindering their opponents with status conditions. Their dream is to be a Top Coordinator.

Their team consists of Granbull, Yveltal, Palpitoad and Sceptile.

I still need to add more options to some of the random lists (the personality list is woefully short), and in the future I may add a few extra settings for controlling the output (limiting the Pokémon to a specific generation, maybe). In the mean time, give it a whirl the next time you need a character to draw, a trainer for your protagonist to battle in a fic, or whatever!