It's a brand new year, and at this time it is usually customary for people to rattle off long lists of ways in which they would like to better themselves—primarily things that they really ought to have been doing all along anyway, like not turning into a huge ball of lard, and were simply too lazy to bother with until now for reals, but you might as well start sometime, right?

Though I am practically perfect in almost every way1, I have identified a few areas in my fancrap-related life that could stand a little improvement. Just for funzies I have outlined these areas below for your viewing pleasure, as well as a few goals I'd like to meet. Maybe if other people can see them, I'll be shamed into actually keeping up with a few of them. We'll see.

  • Write moar fic. (I imagine that actually getting this done on a semi-regular basis will go some way toward alleviating my crippling inferiority complex on this front.)
  • Finish the rough draft of one of my chaptered fic ideas so I can actually start revising it and posting it already. (Incarnadine Harvest and Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen, I'm looking at you. Let's not let two whole Novembers out of my life be a huge waste of my time, k?)
  • Write less Pokémon fic. Other fandoms (and original work) are actually worth writing about too, self. (Or, rather, since I would actually like to make some headway on 649, just write moar non-Pokémon fic to balance it out some.)
  • Read moar fic. Read moar in general, but mostly moar fic. (And while I'm at it I should probably catch up on the ones I've already started reading... dammit how far has Mentor gone while I've been distracted)
  • Draw moar. (I do still draw more often than anything else, but yeah... needs moar. This could also do with less Pokémon, btw.)
  • Stop forgetting that I have a deviantART account. (I think I am disappointing the steadily growing fanbase I have inexplicably accumulated. Also, I need to submit stuff to my groups more often.)
  • Make a concerted effort to comment on/review/critique more stuff, both fic and artwork. (The lack of commenting that goes on at some of my favorite haunts makes me sad. I've mostly just been part of the problem thus far, SO IT'S TIME TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU GAIZ)
  • Get involved in some non-Pokémon fandoms, for god's sake. It's about damn time I expanded my "social circle" beyond the borders of omgpikachu. (I've found at least one Golden Sun forum I intend to look at, even though it does have that stupid "guests can't view the board" thing going on, but... anyone have any suggestions? :D Also, this would go some way toward solving a potential problem I intend to address in a later post.)
  • Update Altered Origin a little more frequently. (The "draw moar" and "write moar" resolutions will presumably go some way toward fulfilling this one.)
  • Update this thing. (I was up way later than I meant to be last night outlining ideas for posts, so hopefully I should be able to keep up with it for a while...?)
  • Finish New Logora's pokédex and actually make some serious progress on the non-fakemon parts of that project. (dammit there are just over thirty fakemon left, self. Git ‘r done already, why don't you, and move on to the twenty million other region-project-things you've been neglecting.)
  • Get a proper ASB started over at OI, or at least make some significant progress toward one. (Still have to convince the bigwigs of a few things I still think it needs, and actually find the time to ref those test battles I've been running, and find ways to tweak the system a little so it better fits the site/other stuff they've discussed/etc.. Blargh.)
  • Start work on a... special project idea I've been thinking about, or at least determine whether or not people would be interested in that sort of thing. (More on this later.)
  • Do a better job balancing all of this crap and stop procrastinating. (It's bad enough that I procrastinate on real life stuff; there is a problem when you can't even bring yourself to keep up with pointless leisure activities or respond to emails from friends. What the hell, Phoenix. What the hell.)

Now let's all start taking bets on how long it takes me to fail at these. Anyone, anyone?


  1. maybe I should resolve to try and come up with a [Mycroft Poppins][4] macro while I'm at it. Hm.