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level 29 + Fandom Resolutions 2018

I guess I'm just gonna do this on my birthday from now on rather than anywhere remotely near the first of the month? That's how it's been shaking out for a while, I guess? Sure!

Nothing new to add to AO today; I decided to just relax for my special day rather than scramble to get some frivolous project or other done because I am The Best at remembering deadlines. I do have plans, though! Plenty of stuff I'd like to see happen this year, ideas and concentration willing. Let's see...

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Fandom Resolutions 2017

It's been 2017 for nearly a month now, but what the heck—happy 2017! Last year certainly was... a year, but I'm hoping this one will be better, both generally and in terms of my creative activities. You know what that means: it's fandom resolutions time again!

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Fandom Resolutions 2013

It's silly fandom resolution time again! Last year was... kind of hilariously bad! In the interest of not wanting to be as ashamed of myself come this time 2014, I'm going to keep things a little simpler this go-around. As such, I resolve to...

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