It's been 2017 for nearly a month now, but what the heck—happy 2017! Last year certainly was... a year, but I'm hoping this one will be better, both generally and in terms of my creative activities. You know what that means: it's fandom resolutions time again!

Last year's resolutions didn't go exactly according to plan (but then, when do they ever, eh?). Phoenixdex updates were okay for the first half of the year, but they kinda petered out after that due to my not really being in a fakemonny mood (that and, well, with Sun and Moon so close I figured it'd be a good idea to wait and see all the new pokémon before creating anymore). Reading and progress on the "secret projects" was unfortunately kind of slow as well. And I didn't get anywhere with that chapterfic, although I did finish three one-shots! Only one of those was really of publishable quality, and the other was posted as a gift; the last was never posted anywhere and needs quite a lot of fixing before I'd be comfortable publishing it. Still, three whole finished one-shots! Writing that wasn't just a few sporadic drabbles (although I did get a good chunk of those done as well)! Witchcraft, I say!

Gonna try to keep things simple for 2017:

  • Get back to updating the Phoenixdex at least once a month. My fakemonning mood has returned somewhat, and now that all the Gen VII pokémon are known and properly understood I don't have to worry about Game Freak immediately stomping on my stuff, so we'll see what shows up there this year!
  • Read at least one new fanfic a month. I'm up for recommendations! Currently I'm planning on checking out Fledglings, The Halvarsaga and Time and Tide on Serebii; if you have any other suggestions, feel free to wing them my way.
  • Finish one of the secret projects. Considering I did make something similar last year, I've already got something of a foundation for these. Now it's just a matter of sitting down and getting one (or both) done. It's about time there were some new toys to play with around here!
  • Do... something... with Arilterra. I'm still not sure exactly what. I have a few ideas for little things to work on on my end, but they're not necessarily concrete things I can actually show people. I am probably going to post more little bits and pieces of what I know/have figured out on Tumblr, so you can follow along with that if you're interested (or I'll have a tag you can blacklist if you're already sick of hearing about it). We'll see if I can't get something a little more solid to materialize, though.
  • Not strictly a "fandom resolution", but I still have that big ol' video game backlog to chug my way through, and while I won't promise anything I may or may not be hit with some ideas for LPs or articles or something based on whatever I manage to get through. (I do still want to try a NetHack LP at some point, but that's not actually on the backlog since I have completed it before... I usually end up playing quick games here and there regardless, though, so maybe!)

That's enough to be getting on with fandom-wise, I think; plenty of other stuff to do outside of all this nonsense. Plenty of stuff to do today as well seeing as it's my birthday, so I'm off to go enjoy that, and then keep moving forward with all this mess from Monday onward! I hope your year's gone well so far, and that you enjoy the rest of 2017!