The writing for... well, everything is still going slow, but I find I'm in the mood to share some stuff from some of my more recent projects. Just little snippets, primarily out of context, and there's some stuff I'm leaving out due to spoilers or attempts to keep things a surprise, but hopefully these are still sort of entertaining! Maybe if I can keep myself motivated and working I'll do a few more of these ficbit posts down the line.

There's some strong language in some of these, just fyi.


Untitled One-shot #1 (a.k.a. that thing with Bugsy and Wattson and Santa, a.k.a. the cutest bunny)

Still have to get to the meat of the actual story, but this part is fun. Go go gadget incredulous Falkner!


"A white paper you wrote on heracross courtship behavior was published in Kanto-Johto's most prestigious bug-type scientific journal—as the cover article, if I recall your uncontrollable squeeing correctly—and was subsequently honored at their annual super-fancy benefit, during which no fewer than three grown men reportedly cried because a twelve-year-old won more shiny bug-nerd awards than they did, right?"

Bugsy twitched a little at "uncontrollable squeeing"—he liked to think that his behavior while sharing the good news had been a bit more dignified and scholarly than that—but his grin returned in full force immediately. "I was eleven at the time, actually."

"And—stop me if I heard this wrong—just last week the Azalea pokémon center called you at some ungodly hour of the night for a medical emergency because one of their night staff was down and you were the only other accessible person with enough knowledge to give a critically-injured ariados a... a him... a... himma... himselfish..."

Bugsy's smiled widened but he didn't say anything, instead taking a moment to enjoy Falkner's verbal fumbling and only deigning to assist him after thirty seconds had passed. "Hemolymph."

"Yes!" Falkner said hurriedly. "Yes, whatever, a that transfusion. You did that, right?"

"‘Transfusion' isn't really the right word to use for the procedure, but yes, I helped a little with that."


Untitled One-shot #2

I want to write a story about the Battle Factory. Do not ask me why. I just do.


Sometimes she almost feels like she's cheating on them.

They don't really mind, of course. Probably not. The subject doesn't usually come up, and she doesn't know if they even understand what the Battle Factory is or that she's doing it at all. But part of her feels so wrong when she does it and a bigger part of her feels so right, so excited, because even though she loves her partners there's only so much that they can give her. They can't give her what Gliscor can give her.


Crossbone Isle (tentative title)

Golden Sun chapterfic idea I've been sitting on for forever. At the very least I want to get the prologue (which this bit comes from) done sometime soon.


They arrived on the island as all the others did: with a great deal of screaming and thrashing and general terror as the lizard whisked them through the air and dumped them unceremoniously on the beach. The flailing bodies hit the sand—one, two, three, four, the largest one landing directly on top of the smallest—and lay there for a while, unable to do much more than twitch and whimper. The lizard, oblivious as always, touched down with a great deal more dignity and aplomb and lumbered off toward the cliffs. It paid no heed to the groans of its accidental traveling companions nor to their cries of panic when its massive feet narrowly missed stomping their heads into the ground, its attention solely on the trees heavy with fruit it could not find in its desert home.

He didn't bother to watch it go, more curious about the recently-marooned passengers than about the purple brute that visited with relative frequency. It wasn't until they picked themselves up and attempted to stand that he realized they were only children—older children, but definitely younger than the sort who usually moved through the Suhalla Desert alone. Their attire, all long sleeves and cloaks and heavy boots in bold colors, was inappropriate for anyone who lived in an area that was supposed to be so hot and exposed. Travelers, then, young travelers passing through the desert on their way to something else. Something else that they would never reach.

Shame. They were only children and they were going to die here.


Sky: Burn

A shortish Homestuck chapterfic that I really want to be vague and obstinate and tight-lipped about for reasons but oh gog the chatlogs are making me giggle like an idiot and I want to show bits of them to people even if maybe they're not actually as funny as I think they are. The names of the characters have been redacted here, also for reasons (no, they are not any of the canon Homestuck characters. Probably. As far as you know. Vague and obstinate, etc.). The first is kind of spoilery but it doesn't matter since it's way out of context and the names are redacted; the second is not currently part of the actual fic and was just drummed up to test text colors, and also it's not that funny, but [LO]'s typoing qurik is adorable. Might find a way to weasel it into the fic proper somehow.

Text colors not final because a) still deciding and b) these are just colors grabbed from the post editor because it was faster than trying to style them correctly.


TW: [GH] are you still there

GH: oh my god [TW], is that really you

GH: where the HELL were you, i've been trying to reach someone for FOREVER

TW: Its only been three minutes since your last message to me

TW: Anyway are you serious

TW: Is [SE] really that messed up

GH: no, because this is EXACTLY the kind of thing i would joke about


TW: You could start by calming down

GH: yeah, uh, how about NO

GH: how the FUCK do you expect me to be able to CALM DOWN

TW: If nothing else

TW: Youre not going to do him any good by flipping the fuck out

GH: [TW] i don't know if you realized but we are teenagers

GH: teenagers come with only three settings:

GH: angsty and disinterested

GH: horny

GH: and flipping the fuck out

GH: now it would be cold of us to be on the first setting while [SE] is DYING

GH: and i hardly think the second is appropriate right now

GH: ergo, i, at least, am FLIPPING THE FUCK OUT

GH: and i fail to understand why you aren't


LO: haaaaiii [GH]!!

GH: ugh hi [LO] what is it

LO: i just wanted to takl!

LO: *talk lol!

GH: about what

GH: i am kind of INSANELY busy right now, i don't exactly have time to talk about inane shit

LO: no its nothing insane!

LO: *i mean inane hahaha!

LO: no i just wanted to tlel yu that...!

LO: *tell you that...!

GH: ...

LO: ...!!

GH: ...

LO: ...!!!

GH: you know what this is STUPID

GH: what the FUCK do you want, [LO], GET ON WITH IT

LO: ok!!

LO: ok injust wanted to say something about your chathandel!

LO: *i just *chat handle

GH: oh come the fuck ON

GH: AGAIN with my stupid handle

GH: for the LAST TIME i was like SEVEN when i picked this name and it just stuck okay

GH: i already know it's lame i don't need you to say it too, GOD

LO: ...??

LO: no acutally i waned to say i think its really cute!!!

LO: *actually i wanted

GH: think

GH: you think it's cute

LO: yes!!!

LO: sooo cute!!!

LO: see its so cute i cant even mesupp when i talk about it!!!

LO: *mess up oh darn it!

GH: ...

GH: oh god

GH: that's the last straw

GH: fuck this i'm changing my handle


...and I can't post any of the third log I wrote yet because it makes no sense and isn't funny without names and context. Oh, well.