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Ficbits the Seventh: Wild, Wild… Hoenn, apparently

Serebii Forums' fan fiction club held a "Hoenn Gauntlet" challenge to celebrate the then-upcoming release of ORAS. I tried to write some stories for it! None of them are finished yet (although apparently neither were anyone else's, oops), but hopefully I'll be able to get through at least a few at some point. The challenges were all interesting, and dammit now that I've started writing a Western set in Hoenn of all places I need to see how it turns out!

This is currently technically the beginning of the story, although chances are this little snippet of scene will be moved further back after I make some tweaks to the outline.

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Ficbits the Sixth: Potential Pokémon Projects

*gasp* Writing? Writing pieces that are greater than 100 words in length, even? Witchcraft!

Against all odds I did manage to write a few scenes and snippets of some potential/very early WIP fanfics, and because they're (hopefully) not too bad I thought I'd put them up here. Knock some of the dust off the site, as it were. I've settled for calling them both "ficbits" for now even though one of them is an entire scene unto itself (and will probably be relabeled a one-shot should I decide against going all the way with the full story).

The first excerpt (the full scene) is from a possible shortish chapterfic tentatively titled The Best at Second-Best, which is looking like some kind of journeyfic-esque character study of Blue/the FRLG rival. The second is from a one-shot of currently unknown length that is going to be called something like Storm the Tower. I actually don't want to talk much about the latter for reasons, but I like this part and figured I'd post it anyway.

(EDIT: The first "ficbit" has since been relabled a full one-shot and has been moved to its own page in the fanfiction section. You can now read it here.)

Of course, the simple fact that I've even mentioned my fic projects in a publicly visible space has probably just jinxed them square into the "nope never gonna go anywhere" pile, but ah, well. At least it's something. Writing practice is writing practice, and I'll take what I can get.

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Ficbits the Fifth: 649 Edition 4—The Re649ening

As stated last week, this post explains all about why I'm posting these and why half of them will forever remain ficbits instead of becoming finished stories, so rather than repeat myself you can just go look at the beginning of that. (And read the juicy ficbits it contains if you haven't already! Don't forget to look at the rest of the recent ficbit posts while you're at it!)

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