The part you've all been waiting for, I'm sure. I do have another post still in the draft stages that is sort of like an expansion of this only not really (and which I would, ftr, be okay with other people stealing even though it's not supposed to be a meme), but it's taking a while to write and I've seen people doing this and it looks halfway interesting so.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Upon request, I will post a random line or two from any of these you choose. Assuming that the file adds up to a full line, that is.

My in-progress stuff is kind of all over everywhere, sort of haphazardly organized by file type, so uh I'mma just go dive through a whole bunch of folders until I find stuff that a) is not just a tangle of notes and b) is not absolutely mortifyingly bad. (Assuming anything has even gotten far enough to be mortifyingly bad.) Some of these are old and will probably never be touched again, but I guess I'll shove 'em in here anyway.

  1. Incarnadine Harvest.celtx
  2. Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen.celtx
  3. Invincible.txt
  4. Late.txt
  5. Wildfire.txt
  6. The Elementals.doc
  7. The Mountain.doc
  8. The Referee.doc
  9. Four Hundred Ninety-Three.doc (has several one-shot fragments in it)
    1. Brainstorming for 493.doc (also has several one-shot fragments in it; why on earth I had two files for this I do not know. organized, I am it)
    2. (24) Defending Evangeline.odt
    3. (90) Smarter.odt
    4. (144) Tu Fui Ego Eris.odt
    5. (145) The Almighty and Most Glorious God of Thunder.odt
    6. (229) Feed the Dog.odt
    7. (308) Return to Sender.odt
    8. (352) Color Change.odt
    9. (359) This is A Disaster.odt
    10. (482) The Cave in the Middle of the Lake.odt
    11. (493) Mystery Gift.odt

gogogo, and I hope you enjoy opening paragraphs because that is pretty much all you are going to get! (At least I am good at those!)


EDIT: Negrek asked to see a snippet from "The Referee.doc". This was aaaaaactually supposed to have been a birthday present for her from forever ago, so to make up for the fact that it never happened, I decided to put up more than one part (complete with delicious placeholder ellipses).

More battles were currently underway in the building’s other holodecks, and now that Merlin had an appointment with Cesium he wanted to waste as much time as possible catching bits and pieces of them through the observation windows. He strolled through the halls, past steel doors and huge panes of glass beyond which the most spectacular arenas could be glimpsed. A Skarmory chased a Jumpluff around a crumbling castle spire, the metal bird’s armor glowing gold in the last rays of the setting sun. […]

A sleepy little town was visible through another window, serene and peaceful with swaying willow trees lining the street. Then a flood of people shattered the tranquility with their panicked screams, men, women and children charging past like a herd of Tauros in their haste to flee from two tiny creatures Merlin could see in the distance.

Here, have another that pokes unnecessary fun at newbies:

The staff working on the ASB project needed a wide range of alpha testers before the game went public. They wanted as large a sample size as they could find—all sorts of players, Pokémon choices, moves, strategies, arenas and modifications, as many variations as they could come up with so that the system could be load tested and checked for bugs, errors and inefficiencies.

Super Captain Awesome Man, by Merlin’s estimate, was barely qualified to be anything more than just another number in the load test statistics. He was a little too young to handle some of the responsibilities of alpha testing such a complicated system, for one thing, and much too overenthusiastic to […]. Merlin didn’t have access to the official player records, but word around the complex was that Super Captain Awesome Man was the nephew of Devon’s vice president or someone like that. […] Perhaps the kid’s lack of finesse, strategy or any sort of common sense wasn’t a huge problem—once ASB was open to the public the stupid people would be allowed to play, too, after all, and the staff needed to know how well the system could handle stupid people—but it didn’t make putting up with him any less annoying.

…aand this last one is kind of long for a snippet but I kind of adore the entire exchange so oh well.

"Wow!" Super Captain Awesome Man gasped as he saw the black patch that Nicodemus wore. “You’ve got an eye patch, too!” He grinned and pointed eagerly at the patch covering his own left eye. “Eye patches are really, really cool, don’t you think? Pirates wear them, and pirates are totally awesome. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to be a pirate or a ninja or maybe a robot or something in ASB, because a pirate superhero would be just as awesome as a ninja superhero or a robot superhero, don’t you think? So I’m trying this patch out for now, to see how I like it. What do you think of it?”

Nicodemus grunted.

Super Captain Awesome Man’s smile faltered for just a second. “Well, I think I look really cool, if I do say so myself, haha. And yours looks really cool, too! Really edgy, kind of like a… a big, tough biker dude or something. That’s what you were going for, right?”

“I’m wearing this patch,” Nicodemus growled, leering out of his uncovered eye, “because a wild Beedrill stabbed me in the eye during a battle three years ago.”

“That’s such an awesome story! Wow, really wow! How’d you come up with a cool ASB character like that?”

Nicodemus stood, leaned across the table so that he and his lunch guest were nearly nose-to-nose and flipped the eye patch up to his forehead. A dark, empty socket glared back out at Super Captain Awesome Man. “No. Really,” said Nicodemus, his voice dangerously low.