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Fandom Resolutions 2013

It's silly fandom resolution time again! Last year was... kind of hilariously bad! In the interest of not wanting to be as ashamed of myself come this time 2014, I'm going to keep things a little simpler this go-around. As such, I resolve to...

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Fandom Resolutions 2012

Well, lookie here! It seems to be resolution time again! Last year was a pretty spectacular failure in this department—I think all I managed to do satisfactorily was finish all of the artwork and data for New Logora's regional pokédex, and maybe updates to Altered Origin weren't as sporadic as they have been in some years?—but that won't stop me from trying again!

So! New list for 2012! It's got some of last year's resolutions and a few new ones as well, so read on under the cut if you're at all curious as to what I'll be beating myself up over this year.

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Fandom Resolutions

It's a brand new year, and at this time it is usually customary for people to rattle off long lists of ways in which they would like to better themselves—primarily things that they really ought to have been doing all along anyway, like not turning into a huge ball of lard, and were simply too lazy to bother with until now for reals, but you might as well start sometime, right?

Though I am practically perfect in almost every way1, I have identified a few areas in my fancrap-related life that could stand a little improvement. Just for funzies I have outlined these areas below for your viewing pleasure, as well as a few goals I'd like to meet. Maybe if other people can see them, I'll be shamed into actually keeping up with a few of them. We'll see.

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